Timber Finishes, French Polishing


Timber Finished Kitchen

At DBA Painted Finishes we have three French Polishers, with over 60years of combined experience. As with all our finishes, we pride ourselves with quality and service.

Timber finishes come in a variety of different forms, such as clear finishes, stained finishes and fully choked finishes. All our timber finishes are available in matt, satin and gloss finishes. (Please refer to polyurethane page for explanation on gloss levels).

Clear Timber Finishes

Clear finishes are a general purpose finish, which will protect the wood underneath by resisting moderate heat, liquids and solvents. Clear finishes can be either Lacquers or polyurethane. For most general areas a lacquer is all that is usually required. The advantage of using polyurethane is in bathrooms and other wet areas, or on timber tops, as it is harder wearing and more durable.

Stained/Limewashed Timber Finishes

These finishes are applied to the timber before sealing, to be able to achieve the required colour, then sealed and lacquered over the top. This process protects and highlights the colour. We do colour matching with our stains, to match previously stained or coloured timbers or we can custom colour to your requirements.

All our stains are either sprayed or wiped onto the timbers surface and then clear coated, unlike the practice of putting the stains into the clear coating to save on time and expense. If the stain is in the top coating and the item gets scratched, you can see the raw timber below, which is a sign of poor quality work. Our policy of service and quality demands us to only offer high quality polishing.

Fully Choked Timber Finishes

Fully choked timber finishes are the results of having an open grain timber being filled with additional coats of sealer and sanding to achieve a smooth, flat, glassy surface finish. Fully choked finishes are recommended on timber table tops for the protection and resilience of a high use; surface area.