Polyurethane Finishes


Metalic Polyurethene Finish KitchenWhat are Polyurethane Finishes?

Polyurethane is a two part resin based product. It is highly durable, water and chemical resistant.

When cared for, polyurethane will last for many years. The choice for projects that require a clean, modern and prestigious look.

Like all painted finishes the colour range is unlimited and has several choices of gloss levels, textures and metallic finishes.

Explanation of gloss levels:

DBA Painted Finishes polyurethane finishes are measured by different percentages; we use these percentages to determine whether the finish is zilch, matt, satin, or a gloss polyurethane finish. Here at DBA Painted Finishes the percentages are categorised as seen below:





Zilch – Non Reflective Surface.Matt – Non Reflective Surface, flat.Satin – Minimal Reflective Surface, Soft Silky Texture

Gloss – Reflective Surface, Sheen Appearance, Smooth Texture

When choosing the correct finish for your polyurethane job, this table may come in handy as the surface finish will assist in creating your desired look.

What are texture coats?

As the name explains texture coats have a coarseness to the polyurethane finish with a satin appearance.

Texture coats are a highly durable finish and are easily maintained; they are extremely tough, scratch and chip resistant. As with all polyurethane there is an unlimited range of colour.

What are metallic finishes?

A simple explanation of what a metallic finish is; It is a base of polyurethane that has had metallic flakes added, which is applied to the substrate and a then a clear coating goes over the top to help the reflection of light which highlights the metallic particles.

Polyurethane Glass Paint.

Polyurethane finishes, also include glass paint which is used behind glass for splash backs and other feature glass panels.

Polyurethane glass paint is available in flat colours as well as metallic’s. It is applied behind glass, for the use of splash backs or feature glass panels.

Colour Matches

At Daorah we offer a colour matching service on our polyurethanes to match either existing polyurethane work or a colour sample.

How to care for Polyurethane Finishes?

Polyurethane is relatively maintenance free, a soft cloth is all that is needed to remove day to day finger prints and smudges. To remove most stains warm soapy water is all that is required. For more stubborn stains a mixture of water and white vinegar and a soft cloth.

Never use an abrasive cleaner or cloth on  polyurethane finishes as this will scratch the surface.

For more information about Polyurethane please visit the Evic Group Webpage