Decorative Glass Painting


painted decorative glass is truly a work of artDesigned and Created By Deborah Buckley Artisan

‘Verre Eglomise’

Verre Eglomise is the term for reverse gilding and painting on glass. With most artwork the artist works from the background first and the highlights are last to be done. With reverse decorative glass painting the highlights are done first and working to the background, which leaves no room for error.

It is a decorative glass painting technique that dates back over 2000 years, the origin is unsure; historians believe it to have come from either Italy or China. The name Verre Eglomise was derived from an 18th Century Frenchman, Jean-Baptise Glomy, who renewed its popularity by using it in his designs as a decorator and art dealer. Very commonly used in religious art, decorative panels of furniture, mirrors, clocks and jewellery. In the later periods, on shop windows and advertising mirrors.

Deborah has created her own style of Verre Eglomise, creating the designs to today’s modern living styles. With the use of many types of leaf with varying colours and incorporating products such as mica powders and paints. Each piece is commissioned with colour requirements being the priority, being totally unique. It has huge and exciting possibilities for interior design and architectural features.

Some examples of these decorative glass painting idea’s are:
•    Kitchen splashbacks
•    Bathroom splashbacks
•    Glass panels to replace tiling as a feature
•    Glass Doors in furniture and joinery
•    Glass table tops
•    Menu boards
•    Panels in reception desks
•    The back glass on a fish tanks
•    Water features
•    A piece of artwork to put onto a wall

Verre Eglomise is designed to have lighting shine onto the artwork to highlight the gold and colours, contrasting to stained glass which is designed to have the light shine through the artwork.Samples of Daorah decorative glass painting

‘Creating Art In Living’