The Daorah Showroom

The Daorah Showroom

DBA Painted Finishes company mission:

To provide Quality, paint finishes and service, to our customers.
We continually look for new ideas and finishes to offer, hoping to help our customers grow their business.
We only use quality paint products, to ensure the high standard of the final painted finish.

A history of painted finishes:

From the beginning of our time, we have been using painted finishes to enhance and colour our lives.

Pre-civilization, the people around the world dipped their fingers into wet  clay to decorate the walls of caves where they dwelled. Along with burnt wood and different coloured clays they developed a basic kind of paint. Over the centuries we discovered adding animal fats, honey or egg would make the colours more durable.

With the pleasure that painted finishes gave to our senses we continued to develop and grow, with improving the durability and colour range  becoming a constant demand.

With the beginning of civilization, wealth ,power and the use of monuments, the demand for more and brighter colours lead to the development and use of precious stones and minerals for colour, the brighter and more complex the painting the more prestigious the image of the items. Examples of the stones are malachite and azurite for green colourings, orpiment and cadmium for yellow colours , lapis lazuli for the brilliant blues and the list goes on.

So as you can see Painted Finishes are as old as mankind and every generation and culture has embraced them and found their own signature with them.

Why choose painted finishes ?

Daorah Enterprises pty ltd in house spray booth

The in house Spray Booth

Not only are the advantages of painted finishes an aesthetic appeal. In today’s living there are also the environmental issues. A lot of synthetic coatings  are being used today, which emit toxic fumes for the lifespan of the product, as well as health issues in manufacturing.

Paint, although has some health issues if the correct procedures are not adhered to, once it has cured emits no harmful vapours, and can lock any of the substrates vapours in. Making it environmentally friendly. Also painted finishes unlike other surfaces can be repainted, with the advantage of recycling the object. In the case of a kitchen for example, you could change the look and colour of your kitchen to the latest trends with just a coat of paint, recycling your kitchen changing the look completely at the fraction of the cost of a new one. Once again using less materials is helping our environment.

Painted finishes are durable and very versatile, the colour range is unlimited as well as many gloss levels and textures, enabling you to be as creative as you like. Limited only to your imagination. Allowing you to create your own unique look.

‘Creating Art in Living ‘